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Beauty Bay Haul

Beauty Bay is one of my favorite online places to buy makeup and skincare, this is because of its fast delivery and amazing quality.

First up is the Nanshy Concealer 3D Brush, I needed a new concealer brush as the only one I had that I actually liked was a Zoeva one. I had heard great things about Nanshy brushes online, my first impressions is that the brush is great quality (it’s SO soft!!), with visual detail of the logo on the side. If you’re used to Zoeva brushes like me, this will seem light in weight compared to them. I think this is a good thing as it can make it easy to blend for longer! I wasn’t sure about the whole ‘3D’ aspect, but now I understand, as the brush is curved and shaped all around, so that it fits perfectly under the eye.

Next is another brush! Its the Morphe R31 Highlighting brush, which is currently sold out!! But I am not surprised, as it is available for £5.50, so for the quality, I think that is amazing. First impressions, super soft, great quality and shaped brush for highlighting, I can’t wait to use this!!

Foundation, this is the L.A Girl PRO.Coverage liquid foundation, I have the shade ‘Porcelain’. Just from swatching on my hand I can tell its a little dark, compared to Nars Sheer Glow (my fav foundation) in ‘Mont Blanc’ it has an orange undertone. If I mix both of these foundations then I can use it, but as a shade on its own it is a little bit dark for me. If I were to buy again I would get the shade ‘fair’ because I’m super pale 😦

Another L.A. Girl product, this is the Smoothing face primer. A similar product that this reminds me of is the Maybelline Baby skin primer, as it is a clear type of gel. First impressions, that I would not buy if you have oily skin as it can seem quite oily on the hand, but I think it should be fine for dry skin. This is a bargain product, just for £6! But I am quite interesting in seeing if it is long lasting.

 Second from last, this is the Spectrum Pink Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge, which is actually Latex-free, compared to other more affordable beauty blenders. This is available for only £5! Which is great for the quality and packaging, it even comes in its own little bag. I am a fan of the Spectrum brushes, which is why I brought their beauty blender, as well as the fact that the real ‘Beauty Blenders’ are super expensive. I am exited to see how this blends my foundation and concealer.

Side note: The ‘Yes To’ moisturiser that you see in the first few photos reacted on my skin when I first tried it, therefore I will not be writing about this to you guys, as I wouldn’t ever want anything that I talk about to be harmful to you.

Have you tried any of these products? Thank you for reading, lots of love,

Chloe xox


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