CNMbeauty is a PR friendly blog, I will happily consider any collaborations, sponsorship or product reviews. But I will only accept these dependent on if they fit into my blog, are a brand that I can trust and if my readers will find them interesting and worth reading. All opinions will be my own and will never be affected by anyone else.

Feel free to email me at ‘’ if you have any questions.


When I am sent a PR package and decide to write a post about it, I will clearly say that I was kindly sent the package or that I am working with the brand. Linking to this, I will always say my own, honest opinion, whether that be on products or a brand. No matter if I am sent some products by a brand, my opinion will never be influenced by someone else. I would like my readers to be able to trust me and my opinion on things.

I am yet to use affiliate links on my blog, but if I do then all that means is that I will have a small banner or link that will lead to a product/brand, and if a reader decides to purchase a product from my link then I will receive a small commission. Aforementioned, if I am doing a sponsored post then this does not change my opinion of a brand or products. I aim to keep my posts positive, truthful and fun.