Behind The Blog featuring Chloe from CNM Beauty…

Go and check out my interview with Karen from ConfettiandCurves ! I had so much fun xox

CNM Beauty

Somehow over the weekend May just happened. Here we are, a new month and summer fast approaching. It feels like the year is passing by in a blink and yet I’ve still so much to achieve on my 2016 ‘To Do’ list. Anyone else with me? However having that one little day off yesterday really helped to clear up a few of the things I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time – including heaps of organising. Which reminds me, if you missed yesterday’s post and are on the hunt for a new home to store your make-up stash then check out Bargain Acrylic Makeup Storage Finds. There’s a few nifty little options to help house a host of beauty goodies!

Talking of beauty, I’ve another talented blog buddy to introduce y’all too today as the gorgeous Chloe from CNM Beauty joins us for a quick chatter about her flourishing beauty & lifestyle blog…

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