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£20 For a Morphe Brush Set??

HIII! How are you all? Today’s post is going to be a review on a set of Morphe brushes that I brought from Beauty Bay a couple of weeks ago. When I first came across this set I was very surprised at the price and the amount of brushes you get for it. I had never tried Morphe brushes before so I wanted to get my hands on some and give them a try. If you would like to check out these brushes then I will leave a link below!

Firstly with this set you get 12 brushes for around £20, there is 8 eye brushes, 1 lip brush and the rest are to use for the face. Also you get a holder to put them in which is great if you travel a lot or going on holiday in the Summer. The annoying thing about this is that they do smell a little bit of chemicals when you first get them, but I think this is from the case that you get. When I got mine I washed them straight away and they smelt fine after that! Also, it doesn’t say a number or name on each brush so if you want the list of all of the brushes then I’ll put it here…

Collection Contains:

  • Pointed Liner Brush – A delicately thin brush with a precise point to apply liner with the desired effect.
  • Angle Liner Brush – Excellent for tracing and exaggerating eye liner, and especially fabulous at crafting a winged effect.
  • Concealer Brush – The beauty tool needed to hide imperfections and blemishes.
  • Pencil Brush – Delivers precision application along the lash line, blending in the eye crease and dimensional shading on the lid.
  • Tapered Blender Brush – Magically blends transitional colours on the lid, as well as applying highlighting products to the upper and lower brow bone.
  • Round Blender Brush – Incredibly blends eye shadow creating a luscious effect.
  • Angle Blush/Contour Brush – Applies blusher magically whilst also proving to be necessary addition to a contouring set.
  • Foundation Brush – Application of base makeup is simplified with this incredible brush.
  • Bronzer Brush – Bronzer is buffed onto the complexion with complete artistic control due to this sensational beautynecessity.
  • Duo Foundation Brush – Stipples the foundation creating an immaculate base.
  • Powder Brush – Beautifully buffs the product across the complexion.

(Taken from the Beauty Bay website)

full set picture

 This is all of the brushes that you get in the set. Now when I first saw this set on Beauty Bay website I was unsure whether to get them because I always feel like if a product has a lower price then it is going to be rubbish quality, but not with these. The set contains natural brushes and synthetic ones for applying creams and liquids. Some of the brushes are super soft but others can be a little rough when doing eye shadow, however they pick up the product great and I really like the packaging. They look expensive and they are easy to hold when using them. I like these brushes and was not expecting the good quality that they are, some are just a little rough, that’s all!

Thank you all for reading, I have some exciting posts coming up soon! Lots of love,

Chloe xox


Morphe 706 12 piece brush set


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