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The Beauty Blogger Tag 2017

I have done this tag already on my blog at the start of 2016, but looking back at my post and answers, many of them have changed. So I thought why not update it?! If you don’t know what this tag is then it is basically 14 questions based around being a ‘beauty blogger’. I would love to see your answers for this tag!

What is the one product you could not go without?

I think this would have to be the Benefit Gimme Brow, because I use it everyday without a doubt, as its so quick and easy to use to quickly fill in my brows. Especially when I’m in a rush, which is mostly everyday!

Favorite Makeup brand?

This is a hard one, as I use many different brands, from drug store to high end. I think for high end I will say YSL, as I love their mascara, lipsticks and concealer, and I am yet to try all the other things the brand offers. But for a more affordable brand I love, I’ll say Morphe!

Who is your style inspiration?

I’ll try and nail it down to at least two, they will be Lily Pebbles on Instagram and Olivia Purvis (What Olivia Did), because I love both of their styles. And both of their Instagram feeds are goals!!

Do you remember the first makeup item you purchased?

I can’t really remember, but I would imagine it was a concealer or an eye shadow palette of some sort.

Who is your favorite beauty blogger or youtuber?

For this I will have to say Victoria – from ‘inthefrow’ . I love her Instagram, Youtube videos and her personality in general, as she seems so down to earth. She is also SUPER pretty!!

What is your top beauty tip?

For lasting lipstick I always exfoliate my lips before, then apply the Clarins Instant lip balm to give velvet soft lips, then I apply one of my favorite lipsticks, such as a matte YSL coral lip.

Why did you start blogging?

I love to share my opinions, new finds and just talk ‘beauty’, which provides a area for me where I can just create my own content and be creative. I also love the opportunities that blogging creates, such as working with great brands and people in the industry.

Random fact about yourself?

I don’t really have a random fascinating fact about myself, but I wish I did! 😦

How much do you spend on beauty products every month?

This depends on a few things like, how much free time I have, how often I work and  obviously how much money I have to spend on beauty. But I would guess around £60-80 pounds, is that bad?? Someone let me know!

How often do you wash your makeup brushes?

I wish I could say every week, but that just is not reality for me. So I would probably say I wash my brushes every two to three weeks, baring in mind I don’t use too many different brushes for my base. I just use the most brushes on my eyes really.

If you could only choose to do one thing before leaving the house, would you do your hair or makeup?

I would defiantly say makeup, as because I’m not as confident as I used to be with my skin, I feel like I would feel more myself if I did my makeup. I also picked makeup because my hair isn’t actually that bad in the morning! This will sound gross but if I’m only going to work I just put it straight into a pony tail without brushing it! But I honestly don’t need to hahaha…

5 beauty products I can’t live without?

  1. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
  2. YSL Touche Eclat
  3. Lancome Mascara
  4. Benefit Gimme Brow
  5. Too Faced Candlelight highlighter

What advise would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?

Just do you, do what makes you feel happy, share your own opinions (don’t let brands enforce your opinion), do your research and ALWAYS be yourself.

That’s the end of this tag, I had so much fun re-visiting the questions and writing new answers, give it a go!

Lots of love,

Chloe xox


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