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Fashion Edit: Suede Platform Trainer

HIYA! How is everyone today? Today’s post is going to be a first of a different type of post, I have never done a fashion post before.. But recently I have been buying more clothes and realised that I am growing a big love for fashion recently. So I did an ASOS order a few days ago, I was thinking of doing an ASOS haul but I just wanted to do a post based on one product in particular. That is the Pull&Bear Suede Star Platform Trainer !

I have needed a new pair of trainers like this for such a long time, my old converse are slowly dying every time I wear them *cries*, but this time I didn’t want to get a new pair of converse, I wanted to try a different brand of shoe. I have heard lots of good things about Pull&Bear as a brand, so I was excited to see what they were like! My pictures do make it seem like they are a dark pink color, but they are quite light. I am in love with the star detailing on the sides, I think that adds a cute and different touch (in a good way). I don’t have any other shoes like this, and I have realised my style is beginning to change as I get older. I am starting to go for the more embroidered and retro clothing, which I love at the moment, these shoes are perfect for that!

I wear these with a pair of either my black or blue Topshop Joni Jeans, with a simple top and jacket or coat (dependent on the typical changing British weather) I usually wear these with no socks, but I keep seeing these invisible socks, which I think I need to give a go! I defiantly wouldn’t wear these shoes in the rain though, as they are suede, which would probably ruin them!! But as it is now Spring there is less chance of heavy rain *cheers* !

Overall, I really love these shoes because they are in trend with the platform look, as well as the suede, baby pink and embroidered detailing. They are amazing quality for the price, I am already looking at other shoes from Pull&Bear! Have you guys tried any products from this brand? Thank you for reading, lots of love,

Chloe xox


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