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Hello 2017!

I can’t believe 2016 is finally over!

It has been a roller coaster of a year with many lows but twice as many highs. I am beyond grateful of all the people that have helped me achieve something in 2016. I cannot wait to produce better content for you guys throughout this year. I am so thankful and grateful to be part of the blogging community, my passion is overflowing for my blog.

Have you got any new years resolutions? I have a couple, the first one is to always make the most out of everything and to take nothing for granted, no matter if that is just the simplest things such as, taking the dog out for a walk in the park or having lunch with friends, things like that are super important. That is what 2016 has taught me, to never take anything for granted and try and be thankful everyday for what you have in life. My other resolution is to take more photos, by this I mean of moments, memories or friends, I love looking back at old pictures if I am having a bad day because it reminds me of how lucky I am to have such great friends and family. (yes, this is a very soppy post, soz)

But what I am trying to say is that I am so thankful for everything, this time of year makes everyone realise what they have but it should be all year round, even if it is hard. Thank you for loving and supporting my blog. I hope to create amazing posts for you (as always!) in the very near future!

Happy new year!!

Lots of of love,

Chloe xox


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