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My Best of 2016 Beauty Products (Part 1)

I found it very hard to pick only a few things to put into this post, but I did it, and I based it on my opinion of the product itself and the amount of times I use it. This is because if you use something all the time then that means you must like it! There will be a part 2 of this post, talking about my best of 2016 skincare products, keep your eyes peeled for that! SO, here is my favourite beauty products from 2016…


The first product is liquid lipsticks, I am so glad 2016 brought out these amazing things! I wear one nearly everyday! My favourite is the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in the shade ‘Seduction’, there is also a load of other brands that do liquid lipsticks that I love, such as the Balm.


This Zoeva Luxe Fan Brush is one of my favourite brushes of 2016, I remember seeing all of the hype over it from Youtubers and thinking that surely can’t be good. But how wrong was I?? I use this everyday, and I am in love.


Next up is the mini beauty blenders, I love these, they are super good for under eye concealer, I used to struggle using my bigger beauty blender under the eyes, but now blending concealer into small areas is so easy. This one is from Real Techniques, where you get two in a pack which is great.


This is the Sleek Highlighter Palette, which is so beautiful. I remember getting this in my Superdrug store, going home and swatching it and I was so surprised at how amazing it was. It is super pigmented and it goes amazing with the fan brush that I said earlier. This palette makes it easy to take on holiday because you basically have four mini highlighters in one palette!


I discovered this early on in 2016, I was in need of a good eye shadow primer and I remember being in Jarrolds with my boyfriend strolling through the makeup counters and spotting this from Urban Decay, I purchased this in the shade ‘Minor Sin’ which is a highly pigmented gold color. It makes my eye shadow last all day or all night, it is totally worth the money too because the bottle is quite big! Defiantly recommend this!


Next up is the YSL Baby Doll Mascara, this was my first really expensive mascara which I received for my 17th birthday. I love the packaging of this product since gold and rose gold is a big thing from 2016, the product itself is amazing. This has made my want to invest in more high end mascaras.


Another Urban Decay product! It’s the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer, this is perfect for all year round for my skin tone as it’s not orange or dark, which is something I struggle with usually. I am very happy with this product and I will be buying more bronzers from Urban Decay in the future.


Last up is the Morphe Soul of Summer Palette that is so beautiful to look at not only in the palette but on the eye lids too. The pigmentation is so strong, I love using these colors and the palette isn’t expensive. This is my favourite shimmer palette from 2016, by far.

Thank you so much for reading, keep your eyes peeled for Part 2! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, lots of love,

Chloe xox


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