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My Top 5 Autumn / Winter Lipsticks

Hi! How are you all? I have had a very rough couple of weeks, hence no new posts. But anyway, I want to make my blog a positive and happy place, which is why I wanted to write a new post. I am going to be sharing with you my top 5 Autumn / winter lipsticks, these change as the months go on but I do like to keep the classics in there, such as a bold red. I hope you enjoy!


As you can see I have many red shades here, I love wearing red in the winter because that is usually the only time I wear a strong red color so it makes a change! I have a mixture of liquid lipsticks and normal lipsticks that have different finishes. I also try to broaden my range of brands, I mean I love Mac lipsticks, but I want to be able to say that I love other brands of lipsticks too. There is also a mixture of high end lipsticks and drug store ones, which I what I wanted to do for your guys, to suit different price ranges.


Firstly is this lipstick from KIKO in the shade ‘Strawberry pink’, from the name it seems like a color you would wear in the summer time, yes I wore it in the summer time but I just prefer wearing this kind of color in the winter because it makes your lips stand out. In the picture it looks more of a light brown but it isn’t! You’ll see at the end of this post because I put some swatches of all the lipsticks from today. The finish to this lipstick is quite glossy, which I also like in the winter because if you are wearing a lipstick that is drying the winter, then I find that it makes my lips look terrible because they are cold! If that makes any sense!!!


The next lipstick is from Mac in the shade ‘Dozen Carnations’ which has a cremesheen finish to it. This lipstick is great for things like Christmas parties or going out for a meal because it brightens your face and I feel that when I wear a bold red lip it makes me feel more confident! This does have a slight orange undertone, but you could easily put a little bit of a normal red lipstick over the top!


Another lipstick from Mac called ‘New York Apple’ which has a frost finish. I love the color of this lipstick, it’s a dark red/purple color. I feel like it is important to have a range of finishes with lipsticks for the colder season, so that you can base your lipstick upon how your lips are. For example if I’m having a day where my lips are dry and chapped, I won’t wear a matte liquid lipstick because it will make my dry lips stand out. So I would want to wear something like this because it isn’t drying.


Onto liquid lipsticks now, this one is from NYX in the shade ‘Amsterdam’, now this is a really bold red!! I love wearing this sort of lipstick when it’s getting closer to Christmas because this color just reminds me of it and gets me in the Christmas mood! This lipstick isn’t drying at all, so you don’t have to worry about having dry lips under this lipstick which is what I love about it.


The last lipstick is from Revlon in the shade ‘Seduction’. This is one of my favorites from this whole post, the color has amazing pigmentation and it lasts so long! This lipstick is from the drug store but it sure is good for a drug store liquid lipstick, the color is a soft neutral pinky shade. This color goes well with people who have a skin tone like me, not too fair which helps when wearing this lipstick because it doesn’t make my face looked washed out. This is perfect or days where you don’t really want a bold lip but you want some sort of natural color.

And there are the swatches! Thank you so much for reading, lots of love,

Chloe xox


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