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Beauty Bay Haul

HI!! I have been waiting to write this post for a while now but its having the time to actually do it! So here it finally is, today’s post is going to be a Beauty Bay makeup haul. Beauty Bay is one of my favorite makeup sites because the quality is great and delivery is fast! I am going to be showing you products that I have brought with my own money, I have wanted to try these products for so long, so I’m going to show you guys what I got!


I have heard amazing things about all of these products, so I couldn’t wait any longer to try them for myself!

Firstly, the two products I brought where the L.A. Girl PRO.conceal HD Definition Concealer‘s in light ivory and green corrector. I wanted to try the green corrector because a makeup trend has come about called colour correcting, where you use different colored concealers to create an overall better makeup look. The green one is used for blemishes and reducing redness which is great for me because I have lots of redness around my nose, and I sometimes get the odd pimple. The other concealer is just for general concealing, I decided to try this one because my old concealer ran out and I have heard that these concealers have great coverage! I can’t wait to try!!

Here are some swatches of the green concealer and the other concealer in light ivory.

The next thing I ordered was a Small Z Palette along with Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans. This palette holds up to 9 eye shadow pans, it is smaller than I expected but it is great value for money. It has a magnetic lid, I love this so that I can actually see what eye shadows I have in there, which saves time. You can customize it however you want, the pans are easy to take out or move. The palette is such high quality, I can’t wait to fill it up!

The shades I got were ‘Latte’ which is a dark brown color, it can be a dupe for Mac’s charcoal brown. I also got ‘Creme Brulee’ which is a light brown. And lastly I got ‘Unexpected’, this is a purple shade. I know a purple shade is a little random but I haven’t got a matte purple shade, why not? These pans retail at £5.50 each which is much cheaper than Mac eye shadow pans which are £10 each! I think these eye shadow pans and the Z palette are great value for money!!

Thank you so much for reading, have you tried any of these products? Lots of love,

Chloe xox


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