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Travel Edition: Centre Parcs + OOTD

HI! Today’s post may be super long so I would grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable for this blog post! This is the first ‘Travel Edition’ blog post that I have done, I want to do more of these posts because then I am able to share with you my memories and experiences. So on Monday I came home from a weekend away at Centre Parcs with my family and boyfriend, we left on the Friday before, so technically it is more than a weekend but ya know. I also wanted to put a OOTD in this post, the outfit that I am going to show you is from when we were about to go out for dinner. On with the post!!

Firstly, if you are unsure of what Centre Parcs is then it’s a holiday place where you go and stay in a little villa in the forest, they have lots of different activities you can do, from swimming, badminton, Canoeing, Segways and paintball. I enjoy going here because when I’m in the forest I feel more relaxed and free from everyday life, it’s so cool to wake up to the sun shinning through the trees and to see little squirrels running about outside your window. I did pack quite a bit of stuff, but I’m one of them people who cannot pack lightly to save their life. But I didn’t wear makeup on some days because we went swimming, but I mostly wore makeup if we went out for dinner. Me and my boyfriend (Lewis) shared a room, we had a little dressing table in the room and I had practically most of the room, but I gave him some space to put his products, he was not a happy bunny!

On the first day, Lewis, Danielle (Sister) and myself went canoeing which was super fun, even though our bums got soaked from all the water that came into the canoe. Then we went to the villa and unpacked all our things, got ready for dinner and we walked to a restaurant called the Forester’s inn, which is like a little pub that sells classic food, such as steak, burgers and Shepard’s pie.

How cute is he though? We had a nice family meal, walked back to our villa and got a good nights sleep, and I have to say, the bed was actually comfortable, I usually find that when I go away the bed is really uncomfortable! The next day was Saturday we popped into Starbucks for a drink, we also got some Krispy Kreme donuts from Centre Parcs’s supermarket! Moreover, we went swimming after eating donuts, which wasn’t a great idea but it was all fine! The swimming pool is so fun, there are rapids, slides, a big water ride and even a Starbucks at the side of the pool! After swimming we decided to have a game of badminton, which was great! I haven’t yet mentioned that we took our bikes on holiday too, because it is so much easier to bike everywhere, rather than walk. We went on a bike ride in the evening nearly every night!

On Saturday we went to Bella Italia for dinner, I had a huge pizza which was delicious! Here is where my OOTD comes in…I wanted to wear something casual, comfortable and cool, wow I just did an alliteration.

 First of all, my shorts are from Forever 21, which I brought like two years ago from the Forever 21 in America, but there are many look alikes of these shorts in most places, like H&M. My top is from H&M, so is my rucksack and necklace! I did not mean for everything to be from the same place, I just realized! My sandals are from Primark and my watch is from Daniel Wellington. BTW, thanks to Lewis for taking these photos for me! We went outside our villa and did a little photo shoot, I took some photos of Lewis too…

On the last full day we went on a canoe again because we enjoyed it the first time so much! We also went swimming in the evening, followed by a takeaway Chinese which we ate together in the villa. On Monday we had to be out of our villa by 10:00 AM, so that the cleaners had time to do everything before the next lot of people came. So we went swimming for the last time, left Centre Parcs at around 14:00 PM and went to McDonald’s on the way home for lunch!

I had a really great time, I hope you guys enjoy this type of post because it was fun to write and take the pictures. Lots of love,

Chloe xox


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