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How I Store / Show Products on My Vanity

Hi everyone! Today’s post is going to be showing how I show / store products on my vanity. My vanity is stored in my bedroom, I wish I had a makeup room but that will maybe come another day! I don’t just have makeup products on my vanity, I also have things like my moisturizer as they are all my go-to products that I use mostly everyday. It is always great to have things organised so that you can get things that you want quickly and you know exactly where they are, which saves time. And if you are looking for self-storage outside of your house, make sure to check out MakeSpace! They will pick up and drop off your items whenever you want!

Firstly, going from right to left on my vanity I’ll explain everything! I have two little jars or pots for my brushes, the silver one is from Next Home, which contains all of my face brushes. The other one is for my eye brushes, the pot is actually a holder/travel case which I got from Morphe Brushes. I find it so much easier to have two separate jars for face and eye brushes because otherwise it is super hard to find the brush I want quickly, especially if I am in a rush.

The little light up jar was actually a birthday present from my boyfriend which he made! It is super cute and it adds a touch of light to the area. I did take these pictures at around 18:00 PM, so it does look a little dark, but I have the sun in my room in the morning when I do my makeup, so I don’t do my makeup in the dark, just putting that out there! Next up I have just a bunch of products which I use mostly everyday, such as the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer and the Sleek MakeUP Highlighter palette Solstice. The rest of my makeup is kept in my clear display, which I’ll show you in a bit, or in my top draw of my vanity. But I just like to keep out a selection of my everyday products so that I can take less time to get ready.


The mirror on the left side corner I have had for a long time, so I don’t have a clue where it is from. But you can probably get these type of mirrors from most places, I store some of my nail varnish and perfume on the top, so that I can see them clearly, linking to this the mirror has three little draws at the bottom, in the first one I have more nail varnishes. The second one has my earrings in and the third one has random things like hair grips. I love this mirror because it saves so much space by having the draws at the bottom. Next I have my toner and moisturizer, next to my second mirror. I have had this a long time too, so I’m sorry that I don’t know exactly where I got this one from. But a similar / better one is No7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror. I use this to do all of my makeup but especially for eye looks.


Behind my mirror I have some other products that I use everyday, such as dry shampoo and deodorant, also not to mention my favorite Garnier Micellar Water. Linking to this, I keep my cotton pads (which I use with the Micellar Water) in the top draw of my vanity.

 Lastly, is my clear product display which I got from Amazon about a year ago. There are so many to choose from, a similar one to mine would be like THIS. I love this storage because I can see everything that is in there, I put my most likely go-to products on the top and other products I usually use in the draws, there are six draws in total. But the next thing I want to add to my vanity is a lipstick holder, because I have loads of lipsticks but the storage I have now only holds 4. I really like this storage overall, I have also been looking at a clear palette holder, have any of you guys got one? Are they any good?


Finally, I have my little Jo Malone candle in the corner which smells amazing! I recommend these candles so much because the fragrances are incredible and they last a long time. I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, lots of love,

Chloe xox


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