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Mini KIKO Beauty Haul

HI! I hope you are all enjoying the start of summer wherever you are, it is so warm here in Norwich. I went to London on Tuesday for a school trip, we visited the Old Bailey, London School of Economics and we had a little time in Westfield to grab some dinner. Me and my friend Emily went into Pizza Express and it was delicious! Westfield have such amazing shops, I wish we had more time there. We did have a quick look in KIKO, as we don’t have one in Norwich and their delivery is quite expensive, so we made time to go in there. Surprise, surprise, I brought a couple of things…which is what this post is about! I already had two products from KIKO which I got for my birthday, but in London they had a sale on so I couldn’t resist!

header picture

I brought two things, the single eye shadow on the bottom left, and the ‘Ultra Glossy Stylo’, both of these products came to around £6.50 which is such good value for money!

Firstly, I got the Ultra Glossy Stylo in the shade 805 Strawberry Pink. I love the texture of this product, it isn’t thick at all! It is super glossy and smooth, I find that it does feel like a lip balm, which is a great thing for me because I’m not a fan of really thick products on my lips. But on the other hand, because the texture is thin it doesn’t last very long on the lips, throughout the day it needs many stops for application. But you can build up this product so that the colour is more pigmented, which might make it last longer. Also, this product has an SPF of 15, which is great to use on holiday if you don’t want a thick textured lipstick. Apart from that small disadvantage I really like this product, considering it is only £4.90! Furthermore, the lipstick I got for my birthday is the Smart Lipstick in the shade 905 Red Coral. Both of these shades are quite similar, but you can build both of them up. The Smart Lipstick is more pigmented than the other, but I think that is because the ‘Ultra Glossy Stylo’ is a gloss. The Smart lipstick also lasts a lot longer and requires less applications throughout the day. I love both of these products! Here is the products on my lips, on the right is the Smart Lipstick (Red Coral) and on the left is the Ultra Glossy Stylo (Strawberry Pink)

Next up is KIKO’s Flawless Fusion Bronzer in the shade 02, which is the other product I got for my birthday. It is a little bit dark for my skin tone but a little goes a long way so I just use a small amount. I do find that it is a bit hard to blend, so it is always best to use a small amount of this product. I do love the packaging of this product, it look much more expensive than it actually is, on their website it is sold for £12.90! Moreover, is the Single Eye shadow in the shade Pearly Salmon 139, this shadow is really pigmented. It could be used on it’s own to create a simple look, and you could also use it as a brow bone highlight. It reminds me of the Benefit High Beam cream highlighter, but this is a cheaper option for only £2.90! I think that the packaging is cute and is easy to travel with, but if you wanted to take more shades then I wouldn’t suggest taking loads of these single eye shadows, as it would take up so much room. I really love this eye shadow and I want to try some of their other shades too.

Thank you so much for reading, lots of love,

Chloe xox


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