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My Boyfriend Explains Makeup

HI!! How are you all? Today’s post is a little different, it is partly written by me and my boyfriend. I got the idea of this post from herquarters blog, she did a blog post which you can check out HEREwhere her husband explained what different beauty products were and what they did. I thought this was such a great and funny idea, so I decided to get my boyfriend involved, which he was actually quite happy about! So this post is going to be my boyfriend explaining different makeup products, I loved reading other people’s answers for these, I hope you enjoy this post! *I did not help my boyfriend with these answers! These are all from his own knowledge, which he has most probably got from me!*

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Forms the ‘basic’ layer of makeup which allows the skin tone to be evened and matched to your actual skin tone.


A primer is for preparing the skin before application of makeup so that it is ready for makeup to be applied.


Gives the cheeks a more natural and rosy colour, which may be preferred by the user as opposed to artificial toners such as a bronzer.


Bronzer is for when the user wants to have a darker skin tone than their actual skin tone, for example for people who don’t want the hassle and problems of natural tanning.


Allows the eye lashes to be accentuated and shaped, with different colours available for the user to choose from.


Does what it says on the tin! It hides or covers up blemishes and other areas where the user wants. For example when the user wishes to hide dark circles underneath the eyes.


Brings attention to specific areas where the user wants to ‘Show off’. For example, when highlighting underneath the contoured areas to show cheek bones and define other areas.

Eye shadow?

For use on the eye lid. Eye shadow comes in various different shades, colours, with or without glitter and can also be used just underneath the bottom set of eye lashes to further enhance the eyes.

Setting Spray?

Setting spray is for when makeup has been applied and for use when the user wants the makeup to last longer during the day.

Brow Gel?

Brow gel is for users who wish to take keeping their eye brows under control a little further than a brush. It keeps loose hairs and stray patches together, and helps them to stay there, instead of a brush of the eye brows which can be easily ruined by wind, accidental touching and general daily actions.

Lip Liner?

Outlines the lips in preparation for lipstick to make sure that the area where lipstick is applied is even, and not wonky or unmatched.

BB Cream?

This one I’m not too sure about. But I will give it a go! I got this present for Chloe on her birthday as it was something she wanted from her 50 page book of things she would like (Only joking, more like two pages). I am guessing it is similar to foundation as it comes in different skin tones.


Is used to compliment the colour of the lips or in more extreme shades, such as purple, red or black, is used to highlight the lips or even in some cases draw attention away from certain areas.

Brow Pencil?

The brow pencil is used to compliment the colour of the eye brows, mostly using colours such as brown, black or blonde. It usually, or from what I know, comes with a brow brush which straightens the brows before being pencilled.

I think he actually did pretty well! He was defiantly proud of himself, I hope you all enjoyed this post, thank you for reading! Lots of love,

 Chloe xox


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