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Barry M Dazzle Dust Review

HI! I hope you are all having a fab Sunday, today’s post is a review on Barry M’s Dazzle dust pigments. I have currently five different colors, one of which being a limited edition one, I have had these for quite a long time but I have recently started to use them again. SECOND EDIT done.jpgEach of the pots are priced at £4.59 from Boots, I will leave links below at the end of the post. They are also sold in Superdrug for around the same price, there are 22 different colors to choose from and they are all beautiful and pigmented.

The first pot is the number 74, it is a plum color which would be perfect for creating a vibrant summer eye look. I usually mix these pigments with Mac Fix+ because it makes the color even more intense and it reduces the amount of fall out of the product. I apply these with a flat brush, like the ZOEVA 234 Luxe Smoky Shader because it helps to get an accurate application, however I do sometimes like to make it less intense by blending the pigments. And of course another way to do that would just to use the pigment on its own, without anything like Fix+. Also, these pigments are amazing to use if you are trying to create a halo eye look because it can really brighten up the center of your eye and make it pop, in order to give it a more rounded effect.

From the picture above the second color (top right) looks like a dark blue, but in person it is actually a light aqua blue. It kind of reminds me of the sea when you go on holiday, it is the number 68. Again, this can be used to really make your eyes stand out, you don’t have to put it all over the lid, you could just use it lightly under the lower lash line in order to give your eyes a hint of color for Summer. Now the next shade is a little different to the rest, it is a ‘Fine Glitter Dust’ which means that the formula is less thick and clumpy. This might be easier for people who don’t really use pigments, so it is a good place to start as it is slightly easier to blend and apply than the normal ones. That one is the number 8, it sometimes use this one for the inner corners to make my eyes look more bright and awake.

The next one is probably my favorite out of all of them. It is the number 29 and it is the picture in the bottom left. The color can be made so intense with this pigment using Fix+, it is a gold color with a hint of yellow. This would be perfect to use subtly for the summer or for a night out in the city. There are many ways that you can use all of these pigments to suit you and the place you are going. Lastly, is the limited edition pigment which is the bottom right picture. This color is an intense purple, for me this is really out of my comfort zone because I don’t usually go for colors like this at all. But I will figure out a way to use it to suit me and the look I am trying to create. The good thing about this one is that it doesn’t have much of a shimmer like all of the others, it has more like a matte consistency and look. This way I could probably style is better without making it look intense or too dramatic.

Thank you so much for reading! Have you tried any of these pigments? Lots of love,

Chloe xox


Barry M Dazzle Dust Eye Shadow

Mac Prep + Prime Fix +


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