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Changes To My Skin Care Routine For Spring

Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday, today’s post is going to be about the changes I make when it comes to my skin care routine for Spring time. Now that the cold, harsh winds have gone I feel like I need to change up my skin care routine to suit the season.

simple moisture cream SPF 30

Firstly, as we have just come from winter and my skin is still very dry which means that it will burn quicker in the sun, I usually use the Simple Hydrating light moisturizer but as the sun is starting to peep through, I have changed to the Simple Protecting moisture cream which has an SPF of 30. Using this makes me feel for comfortable when out in the sun, as I don’t have to worry about getting burnt. I also find this protecting moisturizer to make my skin look radiant and fresh, which is perfect for summer and spring. I love Simple products because they make my skin look, feel great and they are affordable.

Next, is all about lip balm!

Carmex lip balm

In Winter I was loving the Carmex lip balm in the retractable stick as it is much thicker and soothing than other lip balms. But I lately came across this which is the Carmex strawberry lip balm in a tube, the formula for this is different to the stick product. The formula for this lip balm is thinner which makes it seem and feel like you don’t have loads of product on, also it comes out as a gel formula and looks like a gloss on the lips. Also, this product has an SPF of 15 which will help keep your lips moisturized and protected against the sun. This lip balm makes my lips look super healthy and soft.

bottle packaging

Another amazing product to use to get rid of them dry patches from Winter is Weleda Skin Food, I did a full post review on this product so if you would like to check that out then click here! I love this product because after a couple of applications my skin look so clean, fresh and radiant for Spring. This product also makes my makeup apply more evenly and it gets rid of the dry patches which show up over my makeup.

Jergens and shaver

The next thing I change in my skin care routine for Spring is the way I moisturize my legs after shaving. I use the Gillette shaver which you can find in packs at Boots, they are easy to hold and they give off a great shave. I still exfoliate before shaving but I like to change up my moisturizer for afterwards. I now use the Jergens Daily Moisture cream, I have had this bottle for a long time and I have discovered that they no longer sell this product in boots, but Jergens have their own website. The formula for this moisturizer is thin but it is so hydrating on the skin and it makes my skin feel soft for the whole day, Jergens say that it is a ’24-hour hydrating body moisturizer for noticeably smoother skin’. I love this product! Also, if you like to discover new shaving supplies to make shaving smooth and easy, then check out The Dollar Shave Club and their products. They sell things from razors and products to create effortless looking shaves.

Even though this is nothing to do with skincare for spring I just wanted to pop this product in. It is a Victoria Secret body mist in the scent ‘Pure Seduction’, my boyfriend bought this for me last year and I used up most of it and then put it away for Winter and I recently discovered it again, even though there is hardly anything left. I love the smell of this product as it reminds me of Summer and beaches, it contains Red Plum and Freesia. I hope you enjoyed reading about my skin care changes for Spring. Thank you for reading, lots of love,

Chloe xox

(ALSO: I have just joined Influenster, so you can now go and check out my profile HERE!, I will be doing more reviews on it soon)


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