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Too Faced – ‘Born This Way’ Foundation Sample Review/First Impressions!

Hello! Happy Easter everyone, I hope you are all having a day full of chocolate and spending time with family. Today’s post is going to be on a sample I got from my local Debenhams store of the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. I have heard a lot good and bad things about this product and since my local Debenhams have just stocked up on Too Faced products, I thought why not try it. I got a sample because I wanted to try it out for myself first before buying a whole tube and not liking it. The women at Debenhams on the counter was so lovely and helpful, so here is my review/first impressions of this foundation…

Firstly, the packaging of this sample is so pretty which reflects the packaging of the actual product bottle itself. On the inside it shows you a bit about the product and the customer percentage views, also you get three samples of different shades. The three are in the shade ‘Vanilla’, ‘Light Beige’ and ‘Sand’, the shade ‘Vanilla’ is the lightest out of them all and ‘Sand’ is the darkest. I think that giving three shades is helpful because it can help you to use all three and see which one is best for you.

shade spectrum edited

Also, on the bottom of the packaging there is a spectrum of all the shades they have for this foundation. This can be very helpful because you can compare the shades together and even if you didn’t find the right shade for you in the sample pack then you could go in store and try the right shade there. The first shade I tried was ‘Vanilla’ which is the lightest one, when I first put this on the back of my hand it looked slightly orange but as it blended it into my skin with my beauty blender, it matched my skin tone perfectly! Also, it is a very easy to blend foundation as the consistency isn’t thick,  but it’s not too watery. Too Faced say this foundation is medium to full coverage foundation and I think they are correct if you build it up properly.

The second shade I used was ‘Light Beige’, however this was a little too dark for my skin tone but I found that it covered my blemishes better as it is darker. I did not try the last shade which is ‘sand’ as I can see from the spectrum is is much darker than ‘Light Beige’. Overall, I like this foundation because you can easily build up the product and the consistency is not thick which I like about it, as if you have a really thick foundation then for me it makes me look cakey. My face looks very smooth too when I use this product and it does give a natural finish. I defiantly want to go and buy this product now, I would recommend getting a sample before you buy a foundation as it could save money. Thank you for reading guys! Lots of love,

Chloe xox


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