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French Connection – Body Butter & Body Polish Review

Hey! I hope you are all having a wonderful day, today’s post is going to be a little review on two products from French Connection’s Body Care Collection, called Body Butter and Body Polish. BTW GUYS…I’m so close to 100 followers on this blog which is amazing, and there will be a giveaway when I hit the first milestone of this blog. Thank you all of you that follow and read this blog, it means so much. Anyway…back on with this post!…

both products

Firstly, I love the packaging of these two products because the lid has a marble pattern on it and the containers are sturdy but still hold lots of product. Also, I love the simplicity of the packaging because it’s not too big nor too small, the lid is easily taken off and even though it might look like you don’t get much product in these pots, you really do. I’m not sure how much these two products cost as I got them given to me for Christmas, but I’ll try and find them online for you.

body polish

The first product is the Body Polish. The word ‘polish’ makes this product seem more sophisticated for some reason, which make it seem more expensive. I use this product before I shave my legs in the shower to give me a clean finish, or just if I want to have nice, soft skin. I find that this product makes my skin feel really soft and smooth, also if you keep this product away from heat or sunlight and you put it on your skin in the shower it can feel slightly cold, which makes it feel fresh. It is hard to pick up what this product actually smells like, I might say that it smells like vanilla, anyway it is just such a nice smell.

body butter

The body polish and this body butter go really well together because they smell so similar and if you use the body butter after the body polish then your skin will feel super soft. I find this body butter has a thick consistency compared to the rest of the body butters that I own, but once you get the product in your hands and it warms up then it is totally fine and spreadable. I love these two products and I really want to try the rest of the collection soon. Thank you for reading guys, lots of love,

Chloe xox

I couldn’t find both of these products that are sold separately, so here is the link to the full French Connection Body Care Collection.


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