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My Go To Hair Care Brand – Aussie!

Hello! I hope you are all having a lovely day/evening, as most of you know it is pancake day today! And me being boring, I don’t like pancakes so yeah, just thought I would put that out there! I know it’s weird but I just don’t like them, anyway enough about pancakes. Today’s post is going to be all about my go to hair care brand, which is a brand called Aussie. I have been using Aussie for quite some time now and I still love it! When I say hair care brand I just mean shampoo, conditioner and all that stuff, on with the post!…

Products together edited.jpg

I currently use Aussie’s ‘Take The Heat’ shampoo and conditioner in the shower, then when I get out I normally rub my hair with a towel so that it’s not dripping, and spray on some of Aussie’s ‘Miracle Hair Insurance Spray’. If I am having a had hair day then I will also use their ‘Miracle Dry Shampoo’ which is for normal or greasy hair. But they also do different types of dry shampoo, for example the do one for achieving voluminous hair, which I am yet to try!

Firstly, this shampoo is amazing! It is only £4.19 in my local boots store, I think that this is a really good shampoo for what you pay for, but the bottle is quite small, especially for the conditioner as they only do a 250ml, but for the shampoo they do a 300ml size. However, this does not put me off this shampoo at all. This shampoo is aimed at people who have heat – damaged hair, but obviously if you were someone who wanted to take more care of your hair when using heat then this is the perfect shampoo and conditioner! These two products are a great combination as they leave your hair feeling so soft and smelling great. They also contain Australian Jojoba seed-oil which smooths and strengthens the hair, this makes it perfect for using when protecting your hair from the heat.  The conditioner also contains that ingredient, but you can use Aussie’s Leave In Spray which also softens the feel and look of the hair. For me there are no major disadvantages to these two products!

dry shampoo edited

Next up, is Aussie’s miracle dry shampoo. This works a treat when you wake up one morning with the look of a bad hair day, this solves all the problems. I am normally the one to get greasy hair often but this helps me fight against it, I put this on in the morning and go to sixth form, and when I come home my hair is still looking fresh and smelling great! I was very happy when I first tried this product, I am defiantly going to try the other types of dry shampoo.

miracle hair insurance edited

Lastly, is the Miracle Hair Insurance lightweight conditioning spray. Aforementioned, I use this after I have towel dried my hair a little then I spray some of this on the ends of my hair and if my hair has knots then I will spray this into all of my hair. This helps when brushing out my hair, even though I have a tangle teaser (which are amazing, if you don’t have one then I really suggest you invest in one!!) there is usually still some hard knots to get out. But this product has my cover, I love it!

Overall, I love Aussie products and I will continue to use them until I find another amazing brand! Thank you for reading guys, lots of love,

Chloe xox


-I could not find the exact product for ‘Aussie’s Miracle Hair Insurance’, I can find anything but that. How annoying.

Take The Heat Shampoo

Take The Heat Conditioner

Miracle Dry Shampoo


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