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My 5 Favorite Soap & Glory Products!

Hello everyone! Soap and Glory have been my ultimate go to when looking for amazing quality but affordable products. Since my lovely boyfriend brought me a huge box of Soap and Glory things for Christmas, I haven’t stopped using them since, and it also let me try out a couple of their products I haven’t tried before. I’ll leave all the links below where you can buy these products!

heel genius edited

This is one of the products from Soap and Glory that I had never tried before, until I got it given to me for Christmas. I don’t usually use foot cream because I don’t have very good patience when waiting for things to dry. But I now make myself use this after I get out of the shower, and I have to say it’s defiantly worth it! It makes my feet feel so soft and I have no more dry feet! I also love the color of this cream which is blue, so it feels extra special when putting it on. I think I will go out and buy the full size of this product, as this is only a mini, because I love it!

scrub of life edited

This is another product that I had never tried before and it is amazing. It was also good that I got given it for Christmas because I had run out of my normal body scrub from lush, so that was perfect timing! I absolutely love this body scrub, firstly it smells amazing, which do all of the Soap and Glory products, also a little goes a long way which is what I really love about it. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to spread it all over your body because you really don’t need much of this product. Little tip for you guys: have you ever used a body scrub on your legs before shaving? Well if you haven’t then it is worth a try! Use a product like this before you shave and your skin will shave so much better and it will be amazingly soft after, instead of getting cuts on your legs which I used to do a lot!

sugar crush edited

Here we have another body scrub which I have been loving for years now, this is the Soap and Glory sugar crush body scrub, which smells sweet of a scent of lime. I would use this product twice or three times a week, dependent on how my skin feels and looks. I used to have a full size of this but it ran out so quickly, I find that I need to use more product than the Soap and Glory ‘The Scrub of your life’ to feel like I have enough on my skin. I think that is because Sugar Crush is more thick but scrub of your life is more watery but still an amazing scrub. I would recommend pairing this product with a good moisturizer, which is what is next!…

righteous butter edited

If you have been reading my blog for a while now then you would know that I have already done a detailed review on this product alone, so if you want a more detailed review on just this product then check out my post – The Righteous Butter. But I will give you a brief overview of this product here. This product is very soft and makes my skin feel almost silky, it contains shea butter and aloe vera which are two very good things that are gentle and good for your skin. I think this product is also very sweet but not too overpowering, some times I find that a couple of Soap and Glory products are overpowering in the smell if you use too much, but this product is not one of them! It’s amazing!

clean on me edited

Lastly, this is a product that lots of people rave about and I can see why! I normally just put some of this product onto my hands and rub it onto my body instead of using a sponge because I feel like my sponge would absorb this product, which would be wasteful. This product again contains natural mandarin peel extract and it has a built in body lotion, so it is almost a two in one which is amazing for the people that have little time. However, the only thing I don’t like about this product is the packaging, I’m not a fan of the pump at the top because you have to push it down loads to get a good amount. But that is just my opinion, I could be using too much but I’m not too sure!

Overall, I love Soap and Glory products and I hope to try some of their makeup too as I have heard great things about it. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Lots of love,

Chloe xox


Clean On Me Shower Gel

The Righteous Butter

Sugar Crush Body Scrub

The Scrub Of Your Life Body Scrub

Heel Genius


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