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N°7 Stay Perfect Primer Review

Hello you wonderful people! I have really been enjoying getting back to blogging, I didn’t realize how much I loved doing it until I stopped. Well, I am back now so it’s all good!! So today I am going to be doing a review on a N°7 primer called, Stay Perfect, that I brought a couple of weeks ago from my nearest boots store. Let’s get on with the review…


Firstly, I love the packaging of this product, some people say that it is too small for what you pay for but I don’t think it is, because the quality is really good and it had lasted well so far, since I have been using it nearly everyday as my other primer ran out.The price of this from my local boots store was around £12.50 (I’ll leave a link down below!), which I think is good value for money for what you actually get. Aforementioned, I love the packing because it is a squeezable tube and it is easy to tell how much you are getting out. I would advise to shake this primer before using it because otherwise it could come out runny.

I also love the texture of this primer because it is soft and silky and is easily blend able on any skin type. I have dry skin and I think it is perfect because it isn’t too oily or too drying, it is just right! This primer also lasts all day and helps to keep my foundation in place. Another thing I am really loving about this primer is that it reduces redness and the look of pores, this is amazing for me as I struggle with acne. On the back of the well packaged box it says that it contains Burdock extract to prevent blemishes, vitamins A and E to help condition and revitalize the skin. I think that if you struggle with redness in certain areas or acne then this is the perfect primer for you! It is not oily at all and it does not dry out your skin for all you people with dry skin out there! Including me!

Overall, I am in love with lots of different things about this primer, I read some reviews before buying and was very impressed. I was going to try out one of their other primers called ‘Color calming primer Green’ but I read the reviews and lots of people said that the primer was so green that they had to put more foundation over it to reduce the redness, so I was like nope! I think this is a perfect primer for all skin types and I am defiantly going to try out more N°7 products in the near future! Do you have any favorite N°7 products that I could try out?

Thank you so much for reading guys, lots of love,

Chloe xox

N°7 Stay Perfect Primer – Boots


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