Blogging blues…

Hello guys, so I know I have not done a blog post in absolutely ages but I will try and get back into it again. I have not posted as a lot has changed since I last posted, I have started by A-Levels which are seeming to be difficult and a lot of work, so I don’t really have much spare time to do things that I actually want. But I am very determined to get back into blogging again, as I must say, I have god damn missed it.

Also, as I have a couple blog posts in mind, in summer when I have done by AS exams, I was thinking about starting my own YouTube channel, but I am deciding on the name, either just my name, ‘CNMbeauty’ or ‘Chloe Nicole’. If you were wondering Nicole is my middle name. I have lots of video ideas in mind and I think it would be such a fun thing to do in my spare time.

I have another big upcoming decision to make too, it is whether or not to leave the nest and go to university, my sister is off to uni at the end of this year but I am very undecided. I have two options, one to go to university or to do a make up course in my city to become a professional make up artist. I will leave a link below to the course I am thinking of going on to get where I want to be.

This post was just to let you guys know about what is happening, overall I am hopefully going to be blogging a lot more and maybe making a YouTube Channel in the near future. Thank you for sticking with my blog and keeping the views up, love you!

Jackie Hamilton Beauty School

Chloe xox


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