4 Products I Regret Buying

Hello everyone, I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted a lot recently, but I am trying to get back to writing more frequently. So to get back into it, this is going to be a post on 4 products that I regret buying. These product were brought over different periods of time, I didn’t buy them at the same time. I am going to give my honest opinion on these products, which are based on how I feel about them after I have tried them many times, three of them are drug store but the other is not sold in a store, it is from a beauty catalog book that we have in the UK called ‘Avon’. If you have tried these products that I am going to share my opinion on, then I would love to hear what you think too.

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1. Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

I brought this product because I had heard lots of good things about it, but I don’t really see what everyone was raving about because it is not that great in my opinion. This product has two different types of concealer, one for blemishes and the other for under the eyes, the texture is quite creamy which I thought would be great for me because I have dry skin but I thought wrong. I have a little bit of acne on my face and I tried to cover some of the blemishes with the concealer and it didn’t really conceal anything, and it left a kind of yellow colour to it. Then I tried the under eye concealer and it didn’t blend in well and it left my under eye circles still dark and dry. However, there is one good thing about this product, which is the powder you get to apply after the concealer, I some times use this powder to set my normal concealer (Rimmel Wake Me Up or Collection Lasting Perfection), and it works really well, it lasts for a long time which it is suppose to. I would not recommend this product to anyone with dry skin, but it might be good for oily or dewy skin.

2. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation – 100 Ivory

Firstly, I brought this foundation because I wanted to try it because I usually love most Rimmel foundations but not this one. I don’t like the tone and the colour that this foundation leaves on my skin, I have it in the color 100 Ivory which is the colour I always get so I thought it would be fine, but this foundation leaves a orange tone to my skin which makes it look a little cakey. This foundation does have a medium to full coverage look but I just don’t like the colour it leaves. Also, the foundation is very runny when it comes out of the pump, I thought that this would be good because if it is runny then it would blend easier, but it was the other way around. It doesn’t blend easily at all, it is just not a very nice texture.

3. Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick – Pink Mallow

This is one of the first lipsticks that I have brought from the Natural Collection section. I have to say that I wasn’t really expecting that much from the product as it was really cheap in price, but the colour is a light pink when you open the lid and look at it, but when you actually put it on it becomes more of a lighter pink than before which is annoying, it is also not very pigmented. This lipstick is suppose to leave your lips feeling moisturized and shiny, but I think that it doesn’t really moisturize my lips because it does not last long at all. There is a little bit of shine there but not for long, I will not be buying another lipstick from this collection any time soon. But if you are on a really low budget then it is a good start out lipstick.

4. Avon Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Face Mask

I purchased this product about a month ago and I have used it about three or four times, you get a lot of use out of one bottle of it but for me it doesn’t really do a lot. This mask is for people who have noticeable pores or acne, I have both of those things so I was keen to see if it worked. It came about two weeks after I ordered it with my Avon book, I used it the day I got it because I was so excited. But i was a little bit disappointed to be honest, it did calm my acne down a little bit because it flares up and is red, but it wasn’t after I had took off the mark, but later on in the evening it just came back. So it does work a little bit but it doesn’t get rid of or change the appearance of the skin for long.

Thank you for reading guys, I’m sorry if I ranted a little in some of them. Let me know in the comments what products you regret buying. Lots of love Chloe xox


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