My Bath Time Essentials!

Hello! So, today I decided to do My Bath Time Essentials. I have recently been having baths more often than usual, I’m not to sure why but I guess I just love a good bath! I have picked out some of my favorite/essential things I use in the bath, I hope you enjoy reading! If you have any good bath essentials that I need to try then feel free to comment down below!

edited photo

1. Radox Sleep Easy Bath Soak

This has been one of my resent purchases for my bath time, I also brought some of the other fragrances from the new range. Firstly, this fragrance smells so good, it is a smooth blend with chamomile and jasmine, which calms you when in the bath, this is why it is called ‘Sleep Easy’ I find that it makes me feel really relaxed for the rest of the day, this is good because i usually have a bath in the evening, so this makes me get to sleep easier, because I am already relaxed and calm. This product also creates loads of bubbles for you to enjoy your bath, this is without using a lot either! I love this product, and all of the other fragrances in this range.

2. Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

I don’t use a face mask every time I go in the bath but I do most of the time because it calms my skin down because I have quite a bit of acne, and this just helps it to stop irritating. This face mask from Lush is extremely good at making my skin soft and less irritated, it is made for people who have oily- teenage skin. It absorbs the excess oil from your skin and calms down breakouts quickly, it is perfect for my skin. However, it some times has an uncomfortable feel on the skin as it is a thick product and when it drys it is a little hard to get off, but when you take it off my skin is so soft and calm. I like using face masks in the bath because whilst you’re relaxing you know that the mask is doing something good to your skin, and that it will looking amazing after your relaxing bath. I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone that has irritation on the skin, whether that is just from dry skin or acne prone skin. I love it.

3. Yankee Candles – Lilac Blossom and Vanilla Cupcake

I have just realized that there is a little theme of products that are called Cupcake! Anyway, I have had these candles for quite a long time now, but the smells never goes away which is amazing, every time you light it the smell flows around the room so fast and it smells great all day long. One problem I would say about the Lilac Blossom is that because it isn’t in a jar, when you light it it some times spills over which is quite annoying, but other than that it smells wonderful! I love having candles lit whilst I’m in the bath because it is so relaxing.

4. Gillette Shaving Razor

I have been using these razors for a long time now and they are much better than I expected as they are less expensive than the razor I used to use. I used to use the Gillette Venus Olay Razor , which is nearly £6 pounds in Boots, which is a lot for a shaver I think, as on the head where the blades are it has two moisture bars which don’t really last that long at all. So now I just buy a pack of cheaper Gillette razors, and it is so much cheaper and you get about 4 in one pack, they last so long! The razor is really good for it’s price, it is comfortable to hold and it gives a great outcome. Also, if you use one of the cheaper razors like me and apply some of the Soap and Glory Righteous butter/ any other good moisturizer after you have dried then it is just like using the Venus Olay Razor, but so much cheaper.

5. Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

I have talked about this a lot recently on my blog, this is because it’s bloody amazing! Apply like just before shaving and rinse and you will have amazingly smooth legs! It is just amazing, it smells so good too. Also, after you have applied it the smells stays there all day and so you stay smelling good, not just smelling good in the shower or bath. This is defiantly one of my biggest essentials when having a bath, everyone needs a good body scrub in their life and this is mine! I love love love this product.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my bath time essentials, thank you so much for reading. Tell me some of your bath time essentials in the comments. Lots of love Chloe xox


Radox Sleep Easy Bath Soak

Gillette Razors

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

Yankee Candles


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