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Products For Acne Prone Skin

Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven’t posted anything lately, I have been finishing my exams, yay! That means I can post a lot more for you guys. So, today I am going to talk to you about some products that I have used, that I think are really good if you have acne prone skin, like me. My skin type is dry skin, depending on the weather, lately my skin has been a little on the dry side. I have suffered from acne since I was about 13, some of my relatives have also suffered from acne. I am going to talk about 3 products I find useful when dealing with my skin:

1. – Neutrogena Visibly Clear Exfoliating Wash


This product was recommended to me by my boyfriend because he also suffers from a little bit of acne, and he said that he really liked the product, and I defiantly noticed a difference in his skin. So I decided to buy my own and check it out. I have to say that this product is very good, I use this in the morning to wash my face after brushing my teeth, but I do not use it at night because it is a very drying product on the skin, and my skin is quite sensitive. This product really does change the way your skin looks because it cleanses deep into the pores and helps to clear spots from the first use. It is very affordable, and it is in most drug stores, like Boots. I would defiantly recommend this product!

2. – Mario Badescu Drying Cream


I have only recently purchased this product from which is a site that you can buy most beauty related products, I brought this product from this website because it isn’t available to buy from a shop where I live in the UK. I have a mixed opinion on this product, I think that it is good because it drys out the spot and this makes it gradually fade away, this product can be also used as a concealer before you apply makeup. But I find that the colour is very pale, and white on the skin for a concealer, even though it does cover the blemish. Also, it is very drying on the skin for me because I have blemishes mostly every where on my face, so I have to put it all over, this makes your skin very dry and so if you are like me then I suggest having a good moisturizer. Another problem with this product is the smell, it has a very weird smell about it and it isn’t nice smelling on the skin because you can smell it throughout the day. Overall, I think this product is good at doing it’s job but the smell and colour isn’t quite right, other than that it is perfect for acne prone skin.

3. – Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion


I have been using this product for about 4 months now and I really like it. This is a high street product and the price you pay doesn’t really match up to the amount of product you actually get, as it is quite a small bottle. But if you only have a few blemishes then it would last you for some time. I obviously use this lotion before I go to bed because it calms my spots down if they are causing irritation and it just improves the appearance of my blemishes. I really like this product and I think I am going to try the rest of the products in the Body Shop Tea Tree range.

Thanks for reading everyone! Lots of love Chloe xox

Where to buy these products:

Tea Tree Night Lotion

Mario Badescu – Drying cream

Neutrogena – Exfoliating wash


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