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How I clean my makeup brushes

Hello! Today I decided to tell you how I clean my makeup brushes. I have a very cheap way to get your brushes clean without splashing the cash on an expensive makeup brush cleaner product. My way does not harm or damage the brushes in any way, I have been using this technique to clean mine for about a year now, and they still look amazing and nearly brand new. I will go through a step by step guide in how I clean my brushes:



Firstly, I got out all of the brushes that I thought needed cleaning because I use these a lot. If you have quite a lot of brushes like me then I suggest that you do not do them all at once because it might take some time. Also, you have to wait for them to dry, so you don’t want to be cleaning them all at once. Do some every week.



Get a small plate, some vegetable oil (it doesn’t really matter what kind, they all work the same) and some washing up liquid. Simple right? Then mix some oil and washing up liquid together, you might need more washing up liquid than oil to make the right consistency.



Then, get a brush and start swirling it around in the oil and washing up liquid, making sure that all of the brush is covered in the liquid to get all of the makeup product off. Next, turn on the tap (hot or cold) and rinse the brush under the water to get everything off. If it helps use your hands to get all the excess product off. If you are washing bigger brushes then make sure that all of the product is off, as some could be left inside (this takes a bit longer than the smaller ones)



After that, dry off your brush using a towel or paper towel. This will help get all the excess water out of the brush. This will not dry the brush completely, but it will not be dripping wet.



Lastly, place the semi-dry brush on a paper towel and let it dry for a good couple hours, or you can leave it over night, which is best. Repeat this technique for all of your dirty brushes until they are all clean and drying off. Wait until they are dry and they are as good as new!

And there you have it! Clean makeup brushes. I hope this technique helped. Thanks for reading, lots of love Chloe xox







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